Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Punta Colonet Domain Values Will SOAR!

As Punta Colonet transforms from a village of 6,000 to a major port city of 300,000 (as planned by the Mexican government), companies will pay dearly for domains (web addresses) that will drive business to their websites. That's why the following domains will be worth small fortunes. You can buy any of them today by submitting your offer as a "comment" to this blog. (The author of this blog owns these domains.) Your offer will not be published; we will respond to you by email. (Tiger Woods-designed golf course resort) 

If you prefer, you can make your offer for any of these domains at SEDO. To create your own domains for under $10 each, click here.

You really can make money creating, buying and reselling Internet domains... was first registered in late 2009 for $10. In February 2010 it sold for $1,400. In March this domain was resold for $151,000! (Thanks to DNJournal for reporting this story.) 

How much are Punta Colonet domains worth today? That's hard  to say. Here are a few confirmed place-related sales for comparison: sold for $2154; attracted $2900; and sold for an even $3000. In March 2009, sold for a cool $100,000. (Guagua is a town in the Philippines). March 2010, for $12,000, for $3020, and for $320,000. In May 2010, sold for $11,000, and for $4000. In June, $4300. July, for $25,350. In August 2010, sold for $4620, for $3000. Any reasonable offers will be considered for our domains. Submit your bid as a "comment" to this blog. 

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