Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carlos Slim Helu, World's Richest Man, May Build Punta Colonet Mega-Port

The newly annointed world's richest man Carlos Slim Helu has long been reported to be interested in taking the lead position in constructing and operating the planned mega-port at Punta Colonet. Slim's infrastructure company, known as Ideal, is partnered with Mexican mining and railroad giant Grupo Mexico and New Jersey-based terminal operator Ports America Group to bid on the project. In 2008, Miguel Favela, head of Mexican operations for Ports America, said, "We've spent a lot of years working on this. It's going to make Mexico . . . much more competitive." Ports America is the largest terminal operator and stevedore in the United States, operating in 42 ports and more than 80 locations. It is owned by Highstar Capital.

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