Monday, August 9, 2010

Expectations Build for September Release of Punta Colonet Mega-Port Contract Bid Details, the avowed leader in “global market intelligence”, has climbed on the Punta Colonet-is-about-to-happen bandwagon, issuing a lengthy press release to say that “Mexico´s off-on Punta Colonet port project appears to be back on track.” Their analysts point to the latest announcement from Mexico´s secretary of communications and transport, Molinar Horcasitas, saying the project will go ahead in September 2010. A timetable, to be released shortly, will name the concessionaires for the tender, with four companies expected to be drawn from a group that includes Mexican construction firm ICA, Hong Kong terminal operator Hutchison Port Holdings, Union Pacific railroad, and California-based cargo terminal operator MTC.  
It appears that “recent signs of a revival in both the economic climate and regional port throughput may have reawakened investors´ appetites, leading to the government´s decision to re-launch the tender,” CompaniesAndMarkets reports. The firm’s last comprehensive report on Mexico Freight Transport was issued in November 2009 and costs US$547.

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