Friday, August 13, 2010

Los Angeles Times: Mexico Preparing to Open Bidding on Punta Colonet Mega-Port

The LA Times has posted an 8-picture photo-story on the coming mega-port at Punta Colonet, Mexico. Idyllic beach and bay pictures accompany text that includes these items:
  • Mexico's government is preparing to open bidding on what would be the largest infrastructure project in the nation's history, a $4-billion seaport that could transform this poor village south of Tijuana into a cargo hub to rival the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 
  • With the West Coast’s largest port complex, L.A.-Long Beach, constrained by urban development and environmental regulations, shippers are searching for alternatives.  
  • Punta Colonet, a one-light Baja town of 2,500, will need to be reinvented as a modern city with massive upgrades to its roads, housing, water system and power supply if the seaport project goes forward. State and local officials are planning for a city of about 200,000 to spring up around the port. 
  • A thick fog bank looms offshore from the natural bay at Punta Colonet that government leaders envision as the site of a new, $4-billion seaport that would handle a large chunk of the tens of millions of containers that cross the Pacific each year. One booster says the facility could one day rival the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which last year handled 15.7 million containers combined.
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