Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mexican Government Still Committed to Punta Colonet, With Reduced Parameters

The Ministry of Communications and Transport reiterated today that the mega-port project in Punta Colonet, Baja California, will go forward but in a reduced size compared to the original plan. The Ministry of Communications and Transportsaid said there is no target date yet for the start of the bidding process, but preparations for that are underway.

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  1. While the United States was pushing signature of the Healthcare Reform, a jet filled will powerful representatives landed with a message: "It is time to do our part."

    The bottom line is that Mexico has been our friend and we need to treat Mexico as family.

    Good for the Project; bad for the development in and around the area, but what every human alive must know, is that this port - and others like it - will serve energy to our great, great grandchildren, and we won't need to be worried about our Healthcare!

    Que tengan suerte vecinos!


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