Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Building a City in Punta Colonet

The mega-port being developed in Punta Colonet is being called a "Mexican Long Beach", since planners are aiming to make it the primary North American point of entry for Asian cargo containers headed for U.S. markets (overtaking Southern California's ports in volume).  The government's design for Punta Colonet includes the intermodal port, housing, industrial parks, commercial development, a hotel zone, desalination plant, electric generating plant, a natural gas facility, super highway, airport and a rail connection to the U.S. Development and operating contracts, which will be awarded this year (2010) according to the government's announcement, will run up to 45 years in length. Juan Molinar Horcasitas said on January 13 that the government still intends to spend a total of roughly $5 billion on the mega-port project, as originally planned.

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