Friday, February 5, 2010

Punta Colonet Photos; Population to Explode from 9,000 Today to 230,000 by 2040

To get an idea of just how bold Mexico's idea of building one of the world's largest container shipping ports out of nothing really is, take a look at the gorgeous photos in this slide show. Mexico's government lists the current Punta Colonet population as 9,000, but these photos suggest that's an overstatement. The mega-port city's population is expected to grow to 48,000 within five years, and 230,000 by 2040, according to the planning document issued by the Urban Development Program of the Center for Population and the City Planning Institute of Ensenada. This explosion in population and attendant business development will drive Punta Colonet domain values sky high. You can see a list of some valuable Punta Colonet domains HERE; submit your offer to buy any of them by submitting a “comment” to this blog. To create new domains for $8 each, go here for 100% reliable service.

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