Friday, February 26, 2010

Punta Colonet Could Link to Proposed Yuma, Arizona, Inland Port

Yuma, Arizona, is considering an inland port in conjunction with the planned "China-backed" Punta Colonet mega-port in Mexico that would bring Asian goods to North America, says Tom Skancke, president of The Skancke Co., Ltd. He spoke yesterday before the Southern Nevada chapter of the Commercial Real Estate Development Association in Las Vegas. He advocates the formation of regional planning organizations so roads and rail lines are built to serve a broad area, and supports a 5 cents/gallon hike in federal gasoline taxes and GPS-based highway user fees to fund such projects. Mexico has not yet determined where the critical rail line from Punta Colonet will enter the U.S., but Jose Rubio Soto, regional coordinator of the Punta Colonet project, has said that many favor Mexicali, meaning the rail line would enter California, but could then go east to the proposed Yuma inland port.

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